Thursday, April 23, 2009

Third Training - 4/23

April 23, 2009 / Training 3
today we eschewed icebreakers to get to the meat of it. we began with my poetry activties, i was hoping we'd get to 4, thought we'd probably get to 3, but ended up doing 2. that's alright, i think i learned a lot about how to run them. thanks guys.

gee then did one that started out like me thinking "oh no not this dude again" but when we actually started doing stuff, i really liked it. i have - in a way - turned myself off to analyzing or processing art - because you know, my field is poetry or spoken word, so i have strong ideas about what makes strong work in that field. so being encouraged to process elements of visual art was kind of new and very helpful for me.

what did you all think?


  1. Really liked both of these sessions. Brought me back to the old capau days of collab-ing and being really creative in a group setting. I'm getting more and more excited about doing this with you all but also getting a bit nervous about what it'll look like ok application with our youth. Really liked how both sections of activities allowed us to interpret the text in different ways. And we're using different brain muscles for the writing vs visual.

    Feel like our group is starting to gel, too.


  2. P.s. I'm on a bus to NYC and they have wi-fi! Was feeling so happy, energized, inspired, creative after today's session that i just had to comment, but giles, you haven't posted about today yet, so I must wait patiently... Well, this tiny touch screen keyboard is annoying anyway.